Exhibition „Visionary Realities“ at COSMO Science Forum

April 4, 2024

"Thinking the Future Together!“ from 18th April to 18th July 2024 at COSMO, promising an immersive exploration into the transformative landscapes of science and research.

COSMO Wissenschaftsforum
Dresden, April 18, 2024

Dresden, March 4, 2024 – The Department Speculative Transformation (TUD) is set to host a groundbreaking exhibition titled „Visionary Realities: Thinking the Future Together!“ from April to July 2024 at COSMO, promising an immersive exploration into the transformative landscapes of science and research.

This visionary exhibition, curated by experts from the Department Speculative Transformation at the Technical University of Dresden (TUD), transcends conventional boundaries, inviting visitors to embark on an inspiring journey into the realms of possible scenarios shaping our collective future.

Comprised of four central pillars, „Visionary Realities“ is designed to offer a multifaceted experience:

Research Structures: The global landscape of positive transformation potential in science will be exemplified by showcasing renowned research institutes from around the world. From the Oxford Martin School to the MIT Senseable City Lab, visitors will delve into a curated collection of institutions spearheading science-driven transformation processes, fostering a deeper understanding of their impactful projects and methodologies.

Research Modes: Understanding the methodological approaches to transformative research is the focus of this section. Visitors will gain insights into diverse working methods of future-oriented scientists, ranging from future scenario workshops to visualizations of scientific models. Interactive demonstrations and participatory workshops with experts aim to demystify the processes underlying the design of a transformative future.

Experiencing Futures: In this section, visitors will immerse themselves in digital worlds and concrete projects showcasing possible futures. Through virtual reality experiences, videos, and participatory formats, attendees will explore speculative scenarios that examine the effects of transformative technologies and social change, empowering them to imagine and understand potential futures.

Local Futures: Bringing the transformative narrative closer to everyday life, this section focuses on Dresden and its surroundings. Through collaborative design projects and community engagement initiatives, visitors will witness the process of creating and shaping local futures. Interactive workshops and artistic installations encourage active participation, emphasizing the role of individuals and communities in influencing their environments.

Speaking about the exhibition,  Maria Matthes, Research Coordinator of the Department Speculative Transformation, remarked, „We are thrilled to present ‚Visionary Realities,‘ which aims to inspire visitors to question transformative processes and actively participate in shaping the future. Through compelling insights and interactive displays, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of collective efforts towards a sustainable and inclusive future.“

„Visionary Realities: Thinking the Future Together!“ promises to be a landmark event, showcasing the power of research and collaboration in shaping a better tomorrow. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this transformative journey at COSMO from April to July 2024.


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