⎯ Interdisciplinary Navigator, Humanities
⎯ Professor and Chair of Transport Modelling and Simulation
⎯ Professor of Science and Technology Communication
⎯ Public Relations & Science Communication
⎯ Coordination COSMO
⎯ Research Coordination
⎯ Professor Chair of Materials Science and Nanotechnology
- Chair of Mobility System Planning
⎯ Interdisciplinary Navigator, Math/Science
⎯ Professor and Chair of Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics at TU Dresden
⎯ Organizational Coordination
⎯ Assistance
⎯ Co Director of DST, Professor and Chair of DIgital Cultures
⎯ Professor and Chair of Linguistics and Language History
⎯ Co Director of DST, Chair of Industrial Design Engineering
⎯ Professor Chair of Urban Design
⎯ Professor and Chair of Immersive Media Design