Urban Lab

Oktober 25, 2023
TU Dresden, Uni Krakau, Uni Prag
Dresden, Oktober 18, 2023

The distinctive bend of the meandering Elbe River in the center of the city gives Dresden much of its character to this day. Dresden’s “Ostragehege” lies downstream. At the turn of the twentieth century, the construction of the new slaughterhouse, the Alberthafen port, and the creation of the Flutrinne flood channel transformed the area into a spacious and multifunctional enclave. Today, the area is notable for its architectural fragmentation, remoteness, and proximity to nature. These contrasts are very attractive, but they also raise the question of whether the area is living up to its potential and making the most of its advantageous location.

What sort of visions can we develop for this area with its extensive green spaces by the river? What could the area be used for in the future besides trade fairs, sporting events and concerts? How many visitors and uses can this natural area withstand without being damaged? Who is this area attractive to? Who might it be attractive to in the future? How can the connections to the neighboring districts and to the center of the city be improved? How can its effectiveness for the urban climate and environment be increased, and how can it contribute to our efforts to adapt to climate change? What can this area do for the city as a whole?

These and other questions were the focus of the Urban LAB – an urban and open space design studio of TU Dresden in collaboration with Cracow University of Technology and Czech Technical University in Prague.

DST-associated researcher Angela Mensing-de Jong (Urban Design) heads the Urban LAB – an urban and open space international planning design studio of the TU Dresden, where researchers and students develop scenarios for urban spaces. On the basis of concrete current development projects along thematic lines such as creative spaces, natural and artificial space, adaptability to climate change this collaborationn takes place. A current COSMO exhibition about the Dresden Ostragehege negotiates the urban archipelago in Dresden publicly.  

Prof. Angela Mensing-de Jong
Chair of Urban Design
Tel.: +49 351 463-34658


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