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April 8, 2024

Department of Speculative Transformation Collaborates on Advancements in Off-Highway Machinery Safety

TU Dresden
Dresden, April 18, 2024

The Department of Speculative Transformation is proud to announce significant progress in enhancing safety and efficiency in the off-highway machinery sector through its involvement in the THEIAXR project.

THEIAXR, a Horizon Europe-funded initiative, focuses on improving human-machine interaction in off-highway machinery by leveraging Extended Reality (XR) technologies. These technologies aim to augment human perception and interaction, ultimately reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall performance.

Off-highway machinery encompasses various vehicles and equipment used in demanding environments such as snow grooming, agriculture, logistics, and construction. Ensuring safety in these settings is paramount, given the potential dangers associated with operating heavy machinery.

One recent milestone in THEIAXR project involved a collaborative workshop with the Professur für Baumaschinen and Industrial Design Engineering | td. The workshop focused on integrating cabin illumination into the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) to provide operators with real-time information about obstacles, direction, distance, and collision risks. By experimenting with different feedback setups, including color, animations, and light positioning, the team aimed to enhance operator perception and attention control while minimizing distractions.

Richard Morgenstern, who played a key role in implementing the HMI setup as part of his diploma thesis, emphasized the practical implications of these advancements. „Our efforts aim to make off-highway machinery operations safer and more efficient,“ Morgenstern noted.

Moving forward, the Department of Speculative Transformation remains committed to collaborating with industry partners and stakeholders to further advance safety and efficiency in off-highway machinery operations. Through initiatives like THEIAXR, the department strives to make meaningful contributions to the industry while prioritizing the well-being of operators and workers in these challenging environments.


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