Successful opening of the exhibition “Visionary Realities” at the COSMO Science Forum!

Mai 2, 2024

The interdisciplinary research center “Department Speculative Transformation” of Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) is pleased to announce the successful launch of the exhibition “Designing Futures Together: Visionary Realities”.

COSMO Science Forum
Dresden, April 18, 2024

Dresden, April 18, 2024 –The opening event of the DST exhibition „Designing Futures Together: Visionary Realities.“ took place as part of the COSMO Science Forum at the Kulturpalast (Schloßstraße 2, 01067 Dresden). Almost 60 visitors from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds gathered at the Kulturpalast on the evening of April 18 to mark the occasion. Opening words were given by the Lord Mayor Annekathrin Klepsch and Prof. Dr. Jens Krzywinski, Director of the DST: “We are looking forward to an inspiring time together here at the COSMO Science Forum.”.
The “Visionary Realities” exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to interactively explore transformative visions of science and research from now until July 18, 2024.
Overview of the exhibition:
“Designing Futures Together: Visionary Realities.” can be visited every Tuesday to Thursday from 1pm to 6pm at the COSMO Science Forum. A team with a scientific background will be on hand to advise visitors during opening hours. The following contents invite you to look forward:
Research structures: Presentation of global examples of positive transformation potential in science by renowned research institutes from around the world.
Research modes: Insights into various working methods of future-oriented scientists and interactive workshops with experts.
Experience futures: Try out hands-on how the future can be shaped together: digital worlds here enable a realistic experience of future scenarios through virtual reality simluations and videos.
Local futures: Shaping local futures through collaborative design projects and citizen participation initiatives.
Voice from the exhibition:
“We are delighted with the successful launch of ‘Visionary Realities’. The exhibition invites visitors to question transformative processes and actively participate in shaping the future. Through exciting insights and interactive presentations, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of collective efforts towards a sustainable and inclusive future.” – Dr. Robert Fischer, Research Coordinator of the Department Speculative Transformation
The exhibition “Designing Futures Together: Visionary Realities.” promises to be another landmark event of the COSMO Science Forum. It will demonstrate in an interactive way the power of research and interdisciplinary collaboration to shape a better future.

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