Keynote on Emerging Digital Culture by Rahaf Harfoush Recap

Oktober 19, 2023

Rahaf Harfoush Explored Hidden Ideologies in Technology at DST Event

Rahaf Harfoush
Dresden, October 19, 2023

On October 19, the Department of Speculative Transformation (DST) hosted an enlightening event featuring esteemed digital anthropologist and New York Times bestselling author Rahaf Harfoush. The event, held in the Great Hall of the Kulturpalast, delved into the nuances of digital culture and the underlying ideologies shaping technology.

Harfoush’s presentation, titled „Emerging Digital Culture – Invisible Aspects of Technology,“ captivated a diverse audience, offering insights into the future of creative work. She emphasized the importance of understanding the subtle yet influential ideologies embedded within technology, beyond its surface impacts. The event sparked deep discussions among attendees, culminating in an engaging Q&A session and open dialogue.

Collaborating with esteemed organizations such as Silicon Saxony, CeTI, femMit, and women@DDc, the event highlighted the interdisciplinary nature of the conversations. Attendees were provided with a unique platform to explore critical issues at the intersection of science and the humanities.

The DST remains committed to its mission of fostering critical reflection and dialogue. Rahaf Harfoush’s participation exemplifies the DST’s dedication to addressing pertinent issues in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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