Energy Landscapes

März 25, 2024

The initiative titled „Energy Landscapes of the Future: Beyond Utopia and Apocalypse“ is focused on crafting novel methodologies for the evolution of the global energy sector.

By scrutinizing the detrimental landscapes and complex political scenarios that emerge from excessive resource extraction, the project employs a multifaceted approach, incorporating various disciplines and involving key stakeholders to conceive innovative narratives and visions for a greener and more sustainable energy future.

The project takes on the widely accepted notions of technological utopianism and aims to ignite comprehensive dialogues on the societal, ecological, and political ramifications of energy technologies. It strives to amplify awareness regarding the vulnerability of the workforce, the disparity in resource distribution, and the environmental consequences that are intertwined with the energy supply chain. Moreover, it delves into the examination of alternative trajectories that pave the way for a more just and environmentally conscious energy landscape. 


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