Ecological Evolution of Forest City – New Documentary

März 24, 2024

Michaela Büsse explores the ecological evolution of forest city in new documentary

Michaela Büsse
February 2024

The Department of Speculative Transformation (DST) is thrilled to share insights into Michaela Büsse’s latest research journey in Singapore. Holding a PhD in Art and Design, Michaela’s work delves into sociomaterial transformations within speculative urbanism, climate change mitigation, and energy transition.

At DST, Michaela serves as an Interdisciplinary Navigator, currently focusing on developing a new film project titled „Forest City.“

In her documentary, Michaela delves into Forest City, an ambitious eco-smart city project situated on an artificial island in Johor, Malaysia, facing Singapore. Developed in a mere five years, Forest City initially captured imaginations as a visionary venture into the future. However, Michaela’s exploration reveals a fascinating twist: the resurgence of flora and fauna, reshaping the island’s landscape post-completion.

This documentary aims to provide visual insights while sparking discussions about the design of future cities and the ecological impact of large-scale projects. Through juxtaposing the initial vision with reality, Michaela invites viewers to contemplate the unforeseen consequences and transformations that shape our urban environments.

The Department Speculative Transformation extends an invitation to follow Michaela on her journey to Forest City, promising an exciting exploration into the intersection of urban development and environmental resilience. Stay tuned for updates and discussions surrounding the future of our cities and the environment.

Photo Credit: Handelsblatt


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