Cooperation DST and OCAD University

September 25, 2023

DST and OCAD University’s Resilience Design Lab Join Forces to Shape the Future

OCAD University
Dresden, October 17, 2023

In a move signaling a commitment to innovation and collaboration, the Department of Speculative Transformation (DST) has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Prof. Nabil Harfoush from OCAD University in Toronto. This exciting collaboration aims to explore the intersection of technology, society, and infrastructure to pave the way for a better future.

With an illustrious career spanning over 45 years, Prof. Nabil Harfoush brings a wealth of experience as an engineer, educator, and serial entrepreneur to the table. He currently serves as the director of the Resilience Design Lab at OCAD University, where the mission is clear: to bolster the resilience of communities and organizations in the face of unprecedented change.

The Resilience Design Lab boasts an impressive arsenal of tools and methodologies, including sustainable business modeling, playful simulations for behavioral change, and cutting-edge data visualization techniques tailored for decision-makers. Their innovative approach is exemplified in projects like the recent endeavor showcased here.

Through shared interests and a mutual passion for innovation, DST and the Resilience Design Lab are poised to push the boundaries of possibility and shape the trajectory of the future. This collaboration promises to yield transformative outcomes that will resonate across industries and communities.

Stay tuned for further updates on this dynamic partnership as DST and OCAD University’s Resilience Design Lab embark on a journey to redefine what’s possible in the realms of collaboration, innovation, and resilience.


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