Recap – Circular Design Challenge 2023

Juni 21, 2023

Circular Design Challenge Sparks Innovation at Pillnitz Palace

TU Dresden
Dresden, June 21, 2023

From 27 May to 4 June 2023, the Circular Design Challenge ignited creativity at the Design Campus in Pillnitz Palace, Dresden. This nine-day event, organized by TU Dresden and the Design Campus, in collaboration with partner institutions, focused on exploring circular design solutions for construction and product design.

Supported by experts from Fraunhofer IWU, TU Delft, and ICN Creative Business School, the challenge provided participants with valuable insights, tools, and methods for sustainable circular design. Through engaging presentations, guest speakers, and practical exercises, attendees delved into the principles of circular economy and systemic design.

Guided by two case studies—End-of-Life transportation vehicles and a factory building—participants brainstormed and developed innovative solutions for reusing components at the end of their life cycle. The event fostered collaboration and inspired new perspectives on creating a more sustainable future.


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