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The Department Speculative Transformation explores future technology, infrastructure, and societal possibilities for a positive future.


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The Department Speculative Transformation serves as a cutting-edge research hub dedicated to exploring the possibilities of technology, infrastructure, and society in the future. It stands out in Germany for its distinctive approach, combining expertise from various fields such as engineering, mathematics, natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, construction, environmental sciences, and medicine.



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These quotes are a testament of our commitment to excellence and our aspiration to create positive futures together. Read on to see how we understand our mission and want to make a lasting impact.

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Welcome to the Department Speculative Transformation, where we envision a future where technology and infrastructure prioritize justice, diversity, sustainability, and equitability. Join us in crafting innovative solutions for a positive tomorrow.

Science and society are more dependent on each other than ever before: Science helps to understand the world in a fact-based manner and without prejudices and society provides valuable feedback.


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